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Oh man, I have neglected this for so long!


Big(ish) news upcoming soon!

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Just been a busy season of trying to get my work life, writing life, and home life all in sync – as well as working on the vegan/weight loss thing – and spend all my free time with the Beau <3.
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The goal is to update this daily!

Hang tight for more!

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Life has been a bit on the crazy side as of lately.

I’ll have this back up and running soon, I promise!

I don’t know if anyone saw this news story:

But, my Dad is the co – owner of the company and was injured. Also it was my Sister’s Boyfriend’s Brother that was airlifted to the hospital. The family is healing, though much saddened by the loss of one of the team. I’d appreciate any prayers to my family.

On the upswing, my garden is flourishing:


And I got some new trail walking shoes! They don’t hurt my feet! Yay, Keens!

(One of my upcoming posts will be about camping, the Camino and gear.)

Hope you all are well.

Tell you’re family you love them – you never know when the last time will be!