WW Post: Still Working on Getting Healthy

So, for those of you who don’t know – this last September my Beau and I did the Camino De Santiago (thus 3 book reviews last year about the Camino). One of these days, I will do some back dated storytelling of this amazing journey. Suffice to say, it was nothing like I thought it was going to be, and so much more than I could have ever imagined. We finished on Oct. 7, and I have thought about it longingly every day since then. The Beau and I are loosely planning to do it again in 2018. This time we want to do the Portuguese Route. Anywho, as I said, that’s another post for another time.
Here’s a pic of us when we got to Santiago De Compostela:


As you know, I’ve struggled with weight since I was a teenager, and one of the things the Camino did for me was help me jumpstart my loss. I am still struggling a little bit, but have (mostly faithfully) been going to Weight Watchers since then. Since June of 2014, I have lost 60lbs. Not as much as I had hoped, but when you slack ass more than you work – so be it!


This week I’ve started doing something I had never yet done before in my whole WW history. I’ve started doing the Simply Filling plan. I have always, always, always been a points counter who has said they couldn’t trust themselves to not have to count points. I haven’t weighed in yet for the week (that comes on Saturday), but I have found this week SO MUCH EASIER. The points alone system I think gives me TOO MUCH freedom (especially with how many points I have to eat between daily, weekly and fit) to go whole hog. This week, eating from the list as much as possible, but still allowing myself things here and there that count from weekly/fit points has been so much more healthy feeling. Also it’s helping me learn my hunger cues. Looking cautiously forward to what the scale will have to say this week.

Last night I made a Simply Filling Stir Fry. It turned out quite nice.


You can find the recipe here if you are a logged in WW member. If not, and you would like the recipe, let me know and I’ll type it out for you.

After dinner I was feeling pretty tired. The Beau wanted to go to the Y and work out, but I decided not to go with him, but to get some fresh air instead. Seeing a break in the rain, I suited up and headed out

(Don’t I look thrilled?)

It started raining as soon as I got out there, of course but I did about 2 miles. Thankfully some good music was on my phone and I ended up jogging further/ longer than I ever have consecutively at one time. I also ran into one of my friends from high school who lives in the area, so that was a bonus.

At the end I was out of breath, soaking wet and looked like this


But I FELT like this:


Got a pretty good nights sleep, and am now getting ready to tuck into some OatBran and fruit.



Book Review: The Pilgrimage

Book Review: The Pilgrimage


by, Paulo Coelho

original copy right 1987



Paulo Coelho’s book is the 3rd of my Caminio De Santiago theme’d reads of this year.
A blurb on the back calls it a “dazzling tale of the road traveled by ordinary people”, but really I didn’t find it much. The writing is beautiful, and I do have (& am looking forward to reading )”The Alchemist”. However, I think I went into this book with different expectations. The synopsis says this is Paulo Coelho’s writing of his personal journey on the Camino. If it was indeed, his true experience – then I find it a little hard to believe. To me it seems more of a novelization, than a true telling. Shirley MacLaine’s book was more believable to me.
That being said, I am not one of the Knights Templars, and I know nothing of their society’s, “magic” or quests. The book was still an interesting read, and I will be picking up more of Mr. Coelho’s books in the future.

Book Review: I’m Off Then

Book Review: I’m Off Then: Losing and Finding Myself on the Camino De Santiago

By, Hape Kerkeling (Translated from German by Shelley Frisch)

(c) 2009 Simon & Schuster



This is the second of my 3 books on the Camino De Santiago experience. I received this book as birthday gift this past October, and just finished my second read through on it. I’m sure there will be many more readings! I absolutely love this book!

Chris got this tale as an audio in it’s original German, and it was the first thing that sparked his interest in doing the Camino. That being said, of course I needed to read it!

Hape Kerkeling is a German Comedian/Entertainer, who does the Camino to (re)find God, and his place in the world. The book is a daily account of his 38 day journey, and  it is read journal style. During his daily accounts, Hape is completely upfront about his triumphs and struggles. He explores both the challenges in both his physical, as well as his spiritual body, and takes us along for the ride.

I appreciate that he does not shy away from  showing his weaknesses, instead injecting them with a humor I am very familiar with. No matter what the he has gone through, he always ends each entry with a positive “thought for the day.”I can relate to Hape a lot in this book, and see a lot of my self in his anecdotes. I too love to sit around drinking numerous lattes, seem to always be looking for ways to get closer to God, am doing this as a person who is normally a couch potato, and can find myself both very much annoyed and endeared by the people of the world.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in doing the Camino, anyone who reads Bill Bryson’s books, or liked Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild”

Book Review: The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit

Book Review: The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit 

By, Shirley Maclaine (Atria Books, 2001)



In preparing for walking the Camino De Santiago myself this year, I’ve been really interested in the journey of others who have walked “The Way.” My boyfriend gave me this book for Christmas, and I couldn’t wait to dive in. The only thing I went into this booking knowing , is that it is mostly about the author’s spiritual journey and that it has been the inspiration for many people to do the Camino.

The book was a mostly enjoyable read. I think it is worth it for anyone who is interested in doing the Camino. I will say however, it does go quite heavily into the spiritual aspect. I enjoyed following Shirley’s spiritual journey, but it did get tough to follow in some points. All in all it was interesting to see a celebrity’s take on the Camino, and her experiences add to the mysticism that surrounds The Way.

Jumble Round Up

After a great start, I now haven’t updated in ages – oops. Life has been a little on the busy side. Lots of The Beau and his Daughter’s 16th birthday celebratory items going on  The birthday prep(s) and executions were big fun, and it’s been so wonderful to be a part of her (their) life. Between being generally busy, visiting the Grandma’s, working on my garden, working at the job, sprinkling in a  few migraines – I have been a bit down for the count.


I have been productive in several areas, however.

First off – I started a garden! My Grandma was nice enough to let me use a garden bed at her house that she hadn’t worked in about 3 years. It took me 4-5 hours to get up all the bark and plastic covering, dig it up, turn in new soil & fertilizer and get the new plantings in. This is my first crack at gardening, and because I live in the Pac. N.W,  most of this is an experiment.


These are at week 2 after planting. Next week I hope to update with week 4, as it’s grown even more since then. Also, within the next couple of days I’ll upload the pictures of my deck (mostly herb) garden. To the garden at the Grandma’s I hope to add a late planting of potatoes and sweet potatoes (probably way too late, but I still want to try it.)


In the writing life, I’ve dug out my Camp NaNo 2012 novel (a historical romance with working title “Coming Home), thinking I was merely going to edit the thing – and have since realized it needs a complete re-write, including the removal of several characters (or merging thereof).



By the end of June my goal is to have a workable, cohesive outline and plot lines. If at all possible, I’d like a get a jump on the writing of now needed scenes, as I will be on vacation for most of July. If I can get most of the scenes written out, clear out my head in July, then I can edit it all together by (hopefully) the end of August. Anywho, that’s the goal!


I cannot wait for July! The 10-17 the Beau and I are driving to Yellowstone to camp for a week! (well, we’re camping for 4 or 5 days out of the week due to driving). I’m so excited! I went to Yellowstone with some family a few years back for a quick trip and fell absolutely in love!

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone took my breath away and made me feel gratitude in God on such a level I cannot even describe.

Also, my Aunt, cousin and I took some fun Wild West Pictures

Syl&I lisa&i

(I’m on the right.)


This will be The Beau’s first time in Yellowstone  – and after last year’s trip to Glacier, I can’t wait to experience it with him.

3 days after we get back from Yellowstone, we’re headed over the mountains to Lake Chelan, where my family has camped every year for 20 some odd years. This may be the Beau’s Daughter’s first time coming with us – and I’m looking forward to introducing her to the clan.



Once I stop feeling like death, I’m also looking forward to pounding the pavement a little more and getting back on track for Camino/long hiking practice. The Beau and I aren’t planning to do our Camnio til 2017, but I need all the practice I can get.

Well, this has been a long post, and thank you for bearing with me.

OH MY GOSH! As I was typing the last bit, a humming bird just flew up to me, and hovered not 3 feet in front of my face, zoomed around my deck garden and left. Less than 30 seconds later it did the same thing – but chirped at me a couple times, went around the balcony and left again.

Clearly it’s asking where the heck the juicy flower and food are. I suppose I need to get a hummingbird feeder!


Hope everyone is well!