Happy NaNo-Eve!

Because I just cannot resist the siren call, might as well make it official!



If you want to be friends on NaNoWriMo.org – my sn is the same as the rest of my social media: smananthamarie .

Let the insanity commence!





October 19th, 2015

A few weeks ago I threw myself out of my comfort/anxiety/hermit zone and joined a NaNoWriMo workshop in my area.


By doing this I was confronting 3 of my anxieties:

  • Driving downtown/at night
  • Meeting/actively communicating with a new bunch of people
  • Being vulnerable about my creativity


Tonight was the first night. For half a second my anxiety was all like “oh you don’t have to go to this one, you could “forget”.

I got in my car anyway.

I had a hell of a time finding the place, and then finding parking – all in trafficky stuff – and again, I wanted to just go home.

I went anyway.


It was so great to connect with other writers, about an organization and event that I love.

I feel like this is really going to be so good for me, on several levels.

It was also a reminder of the level of anxiety I have, and the internal battles I have to argue with myself on a regular basis.


Hope all is well with everyone!

Editing Woes

When you do a read-through of your edits from yesterday, for a travel piece you are writing – and you laugh for 5000 years.

“The locals had a quick shat and it was agreed that we needed to go to the farmer’s market across the street…”

Pretty sure that was supposed to be CHAT there Samantha.

Just a Question!

For the writers out there who are also still working a full time job (other than their writing), how many hours a day do you find to work on your projects? Is it all in one chunk of time, or do you break it up through out the day?

I’m having trouble finding time for my creativity – so any advice would help!